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Characteristic of drive in rack

Pallets are stored in depth direction with high storage density and high utilization rate of warehouse.

FIFO and FILO can be achieved, but forklift must be driven into the rack aisle for operation.

It can be set as unilateral access or bilateral access.

Generally, it is better to control the depth of 7 cargo spaces on one side and 12 cargo spaces on two sides in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift’s access.

The operation speed of forklift can be improved by configuring the guiding rail.

The rack height should be controlled within 10 m, and the pulling device should be added at the same time.

Single pallet shouldn't be overloaded, usually controlled within 1.5T, pallet size should not be greater than 1.5m, usually equipped with forward forklift or balanced weight forklift.

Characteristic of push back rack


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