ABOUT Pallet rack, Cantilever rack, Mobile rack, Shuttle rack system

Stamping&shearing workshop

OSracking’s press shop carries several automatic punching equipment and steel plate shearers.   Taking the advantage of press machine and punching dies, forcing plates, strips, tubes and profiles into plastic deformation or separation, workpieces can be tailored in desired sizes and shapes. This method is majorly employed in punching uprights and shearing accessories so that the hole deviation of each 10m is no more than 0.1mm.    1.jpg    2.jpg    3.jpg  1.jpg

Welding workshop

Prior to the manual welding, OSracking’s staffs must make sure that every piece has the exact specification as its drawing states with the deviation less than ±1mm, welding bead must reach 4X4 mm, diagonal lines of left and right connectors (of beam and upright) must stay under 1mm, smooth degrees are controlled no more than 1mm.

During the welding, highly experienced workers need to firstly guarantee the accuracy of welding post and tooling, and then ensure its stability with the assistant of jig, tamp and stop pin, etc. In the process, welding deformation is fully considered so that products can meet high quality requirements.